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IMG_1588So the question always is.. why start a blog?  There are millions of people out there blogging every day, on every topic on the planet.  Does there need to be more?  Maybe not.  But I’m doing it anyway….

For me, it’s simply two things.  I have spent the last several years of my life talking to hundreds of people a day…..   Now I don’t.  Though I have enjoyed not having the pressure of consistently hitting sales goals or improving guest satisfaction results,  it can sometimes feel weirdly disconnected.  I am hoping that by blogging I might start feeling a little bit more “in the game.”  Like I am participating in life, outside the walls of my house.

Bigger picture, My goal has always been to write a book.  I have been passionate about writing my whole life, but have left it on the back burner while I focused on work, and family.  I am taking a writing course now and it is going to be awhile before I finish…. I am hoping that blogging will help me start using my creativity more and move me toward my goals.

I am a strong believer in….  You will never know, if you don’t try 🙂

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