Do you need to be…. flipped?

Let’s face it ladies, being a mom is……….  Hectic?  Rewarding?  Busy?  Overwhelming? __________________ You fill in the blank.  It is A LOT of different things.  And real talk?  It is Exhausting!

What ever combination of things you are working on and juggling…  it kind of looks like:

SCHOOL       soccer practice        DR APPTS           field trips      PETS      work
vacuuming           DRIVER’S ED        dishes          IEP MEETING        homework       COOKING
time with spouse           POTTY TRAINING            BATH TIME         speech therapy
YARD WORK            5 min break              STUDYING            community involvement  WRITING              workout                P/T CONFERENCE             laundry             PTA MEETING
and on…             and on…                              and on….               it goes.

So add in any number of other things that you have to try to accomplish in a day.  My point is this… we have SO much to do.  If you are anything like me, then you take all of these things seriously and don’t want to mess it up.  I go head on into every single day with a great attitude and pure determination to get everything done…. and not lose my mind.

All things considered, I do pretty well.  I have several set routines in place that help things to run smoothly and I write everything down on a calendar as far in advance as I can, so we are all aware of what is going on and what needs to be done.  Now, having said that….. things don’t always go according to plan.  My stats are probably 50/50, at best.

Unfortunately for myself and my family, I fall short in two areas fairly consistently….  ENERGY and PATIENCE.  I’m very aware of it.  I know it’s a thing.  And I reflect at the end of every day and consider what I should have done differently or what I could do better the next time around.  I hate yelling at my children,  I hate being frustrated and I hate feeling worn out.   Period.  I have yet to figure out how to fix all that….  but I promise you, if I do, I will absolutely tell you all about it.

The one thing I do know, when you are feeling down or frustrated, your outlook can be flipped pretty easily…. If you let it.  Sometimes,  you can do it yourself, by putting on your favorite song or doing some breathing exercises.  Sometimes, it comes from someone else,  like your son saying “I love you Mom” and not mumbling it under his breath.  Or dabbing at the end of his sentences, like an exclamation point.  Or your husband telling you that you look beautiful, even when you know you don’t.  And yet other times, it comes from a completely unexpected source, like a deer and it’s fawn standing off the side of the road.  A rainbow.  A field of flowers.

I get flipped all the time, thank goodness,  and almost every day….  It’s my daughter Emma.   Once, twice, three times?  I lose track.  But that girl knows how to keep me on track and switch my attitude around quick.  And it isn’t just me.  I’ve seen her do it to everyone in my family (she can even make my 16-year-old smile!)  She does it to people at school, at therapy, in line at the grocery store….  It’s like magic.

Normally, I am not a huge fan of mom’s that post videos of their kids.  My daughter’s the cutest whatever…. And look at what my darling son did today… Blah.  Of course you think your kids are the cutest – they are yours.  I think my kids are the cutest, that’s how it works…  And around and around and around it goes.

BUT….  I can’t help feeling that there might be people out there that need FLIPPED.  That being the case,  I have the ability to help you.  If Emma can’t do it…. I don’t know what will.  I hope that if you are having a rough day or feeling overwhelmed for whatever reason…. this turns it around for you.  And if not,  I’m sure it will at least make you smile.  That’s a start.

Cheers! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Do you need to be…. flipped?

  1. Deena!! Thank you so much for showing it to him. I so hope that we can get them together one day…. I miss the days when all of us cousins were together all the time. I wish my kids had that 🙂


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