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A well deserved pat on the back.

The day had finally arrived…..  Three weeks of sick kids, obligations, meetings, appointments, therapy, classes, busy weekends….. And Monday is here.

“What is so special about Monday”? you ask…..   It’s a free day 🙂

A free day, to me; is a day where every body is gone, I have nothing scheduled, I’m caught up on my homework, and I get to do whatever I want…. For the whole day.  A free day, is almost better than getting the Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory!  Seriously. So like I said…  the day has arrived.

And you will never believe what I did………..

  • Have a late morning cocktail and a nice long bubble bath?    Nope.
  • Curl up with a good book for a couple of hours and enjoy a glorious nap?    Nope.
  • Go to the beach for an afternoon in the sunshine with my feet in the ocean?    Nope.
  • Grab myself lunch and head to the salon for a much-needed pedicure?    Nope.
  • Post up on the couch in my pajamas and watch “chick flicks”?    Nope.
  • Think about going for a run, then buy myself new running shoes instead?    Nope.

Placeholder ImageWhat happened to me?  I used to be much more adventurous and comfortable with treating myself.  And I don’t mean what happened to me since I was younger, I get that.  I got older and more responsible.  But I mean,  what happened to me since a few months ago?

Why would I not take advantage of a beautiful day and enjoy something that I truly love? Or take a much-needed break that I deserve?  There are no pressing issues, my family is taken care of…. Everyone is safe and happy…..  (and gone.)  Then it hits me,

I don’t make my own money anymore…..  It’s that simple.  I used to work so hard at my job, that I felt like it was my right, and obligation, to treat myself if I got the chance.  You could not have stopped me if you tried.  Now?  I don’t know….  It’s weird.  Like I have to get permission or something.  Or because I’m not contributing to the money pot that I’m not “entitled” to anything.  It is an odd feeling.  I am working just as hard, if not harder, than I was before.  Yet it feels completely different.

Oh… I almost forgot.  So what did I do with this amazing free day of mine?

I cleaned my house…..

I washed the stroller…..

I sprayed off the driveway…..

I know, don’t judge.  Nothing miraculous.  Or special.  Just a part of the everyday stuff that needs to get done.  I only share this story with you because there is a life lesson to be learned here…..

When I was done.  I stood there.  Smiling.  It felt so good to get so much accomplished.  I was proud of myself…..  Then I felt silly.  I almost wanted to laugh out loud….. Or sit down and cry.  And I couldn’t tell which.

So I did something that I never do.  I reached UP……  AND OVER….. and gave myself……     A WELL DESERVED PAT ON THE BACK.

This is what I learned:  It is okay to be proud of yourself for accomplishing the things that need to be done.  You should feel good that your family and home are well taken care of.  There may not be any monetary gains that come from being a stay at home parent…..  But there is much more value than we see in our day-to-day busyness.

Like when your son kills his chemistry exam and gets an extra .5 credit for scoring so high on his English test.  Or your boy gets a STAR award at school and an invitation to attend an advanced curriculum program for the next school year.  Your daughter brings home her school work where she wrote her name for the first time, and drew a smiley face… just like you do.  Or your spouse comes home from a hard day at work and says “The house looks great, so comfortable.  Come sit by me and relax.”

That is allllll you, my friend.  That is doing your job well.  Being accessible.  And contributing to the family pot.  You are “entitled” and deserve a day to treat yourself, or take a break.  Or hell, clean the house, if it makes you feel good…..

Whatever you do.  Enjoy it.  And when you are done.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  You’ve earned it.









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