Health and Fitness

The Dreaded “C” Word…..

If you have been alive on this planet for at least 20 years... then I am sure you have in some way been impacted by that horrible little word....  CANCER.  Perhaps, a family member?  Friend?  Mentor?  Co-worker?  It could be anyone.  I can remember two very specific things about hearing that word for the first… Continue reading The Dreaded “C” Word…..

Sentimental Sundays

Nobody Like You.

Liam - There is nobody that exists that is quite like you..... No One, as soccer kick-ery as you. No One, as fidget-itity as you. No One, as blue eyed wide-ity as you. No One, as chit chat-ity as you. No One, as Endeavor ready-ity as you. No One, as smarty-artity as you. No One,… Continue reading Nobody Like You.