Sentimental Sundays

You are the Darkness….

YOU are the darkness…..  That forever shadows my soul

Dims the light in my heart, and makes me turn cold.

YOU are the darkness…..  That extinguishes all of my hope

Rips away my true faith, and my ability to cope.

YOU are the darkness…..  That spins me out of control

Makes me want to trade this life, for a deep dark hole.

YOU are the darkness…..  That leads me to shame

Wiping out all my positivity, leaving only regret and blame.

YOU are the darkness…..  That I fight with each day

Stealing all of my freedom, and forcing me to play.

YOU are the darkness…..  That I can no longer engage

Expelling all of my goodness, leaving only pain…. and rage.

YOU are the darkness…..  That I have no strength left for

I must believe I can defeat you…..  Before I exist, no more.



© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2017.


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