My Cup Runneth Over……

I know, I know, I usually post my blog on Wednesday, forgive me for being late…..  It has been a rough week.  Like most of you, probably, it’s the kid’s last week of school and it feels like absolute chaos.  Between trying to force my son to complete 15 missing chemistry assignments, an English essay,  to finding lost library books,  i-pad charger, and my daughter coming home with a pack back full of stuffed animals and books every day, it’s just been a lot to deal with.

In the midst of all the arguing, scrambling and cramming…..  One amazing moment transpires, that I have to share with you.  Wednesday afternoon we are invited to Emma’s school for the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade Awards Assembly.   My daughter is getting an award for Academic Growth in Math.  Obviously, we are very excited…..

A little back ground on Emma, since most of you don’t know her.  She is typically a very good-natured and sweet little girl.  However, she is not always that way, nor is she a big fan of crowds.  When faced with or overwhelmed by a large or loud group of people she will usually do one of two things;  drop to the ground and refuse to move any closer….. Or, she will run.  Now as her mother, I know this, so I went prepared for anything and ready to jump in whenever necessary.

So, we are sitting in our seats awaiting the arrival of the students….. Here comes Emma’s class.  She is the first one in and has her assigned “body-guard” firmly holding on to her hand.  She walks in and sits down right on her spot in the very first row.  Wow!  That’s a first…..  And I am super relieved.  Then all of the other students start shuffling in….. and Emma starts getting fidgety.  She is looking all around, moving back and forth across the floor,  and then she notices that there is an audience there as well.  I am certain that if she sees her brother, grandma, and I, she will come running straight towards us.  I decide to prevent that from happening and I go sit on the floor with her instead.  She is antsy, but I am able to keep her pretty content….  for a moment.

Then they start with Specialist Awards,  then Attendance, then a college cheer from one of the classes…..  This is going to take way longer than I thought.  Now it’s time…  Nope!  They start with the 2nd grade.  Awards distributed.  Another college cheer.  And off she goes…..  straight to her brother!  Next, the first grade.  Awards distributed.  Another college cheer.  I sneak over to get her and bring her back to her seat.  She definitely does not want to sit still now.  I’m getting nervous.

Finally….. the Kindergarten Awards.  First name called, second name called, then…. Emma Allen.  She jumps up out of my lap, walks right up to her teacher and principal, grabs her award, and stands in the line with the students called before her.  Perfect.  This goes on for another 20 names or so….. and all the while she is standing and smiling, right in her spot.  Unbelievable!  Then I feel the familiar sting of tears welling up in my eyes… What?  What is this?  Pride?  No.  Well yes, I am definitely proud of her, but I am always proud of her.  This….. is something else.

I look up and down the row of Kinder’s looking so much more grown up then when the school year started.  Then back to my daughter….. and it hits me…..  I have never seen her, So proud of herself…..  Whenever we cheer for Emma, or get excited over something she has done,  she lowers her head and covers her face with her hands.  She likes it, but she hides none the less and giggles, embarrassed.  She stood there, with both hands on her certificate so every one could see it, head held high….. and beaming.  She was absolutely beautiful.


So I choked back the tears so I wouldn’t embarrass her, or make her feel like something was wrong….. and hugged her as hard as I could.  On that note – Here’s to an adventure filled and family bonding summer vacation.  Like I said…..  My cup runneth over,  and I hope yours is as well.

Cheers! 🙂

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