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All in….. Upper Body Focus.

We are well into summer now, and Tough Mudder is officially two months away.  This is where things start getting intense!  I realized as I began working on this post that I forgot to post my work out schedule for last month…..  Sorry about that.  Let me catch you up.  I upped my running to 3 times a week (my son’s are running with me as well)  Daily cardio  30-60 minutes, with added butt, legs, and ab workouts, and one rest day.  Good times.

It has been a struggle getting into a rhythm with the kids home all day and trying to get stuff checked off our summer bucket list…..  But we are getting the hang of it.  This is the hardest work out month, for me.  Upper Body is not only my weakest area, but what I like to work out the least.  I really have to focus and motivate myself to get through this one.   I know I will feel great….. and stronger when I am done, but I really have to push or I won’t make it.


This is all done in preparation for the 10-12 mile….. 15 obstacle…..  Mud Run Experience!!  If you have never participated, or are unfamiliar with this amazing organization that raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project – check it out.  And you will see what I’m talking about.   Strong arms and hand grip are a major bonus if you are going to make it….. I completed it last year.  But this year….. I am going to do it….. without falling!  That’s my plan.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, this year is a family event…..  We have two tough mudders, a half mudder, and a mini mudder…..

It is going to be awesome!

Now remember, you have to consistently up your game if you want to continue to see results…..  And of course, time, is always a barrier when trying to make your schedule.  I have a home gym, so I can pretty much go downstairs anytime and get work out in.  That doesn’t mean I always do, but it does make it more convenient than going to the gym.

My kickboxing is a class at the ilovekickboxing gym.  It is 45 minutes away.  I always plan this class on Mondays for two reasons:  One,  It’s a great workout, lots of fun, and is a great set up for the rest of the week.  And two, if for any reason I don’t make it…..  I have 5 more days to fit it in.

You have to make a commitment – To yourself, your schedule, your family…..  Do what ever it takes to get it done!  It is so important for you to feel good, healthy and strong.  It is worth the effort and everyone in your family will benefit from that.  Find what ever moves you and use that.  Music and my kids keep me motivated and moving.  Here are my work out playlists, if you could use a little help.

  Pumped Up PlayList                                                        Kick Ass Cardio   

Welcome to Detroit                                                            Samsara

Dope                                                                        Emergency

Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)                                                   Booty Bounce

You Don’t Know                                                              Freaks

Greed                                                                     Little Swing

We Own it                                                                Rave after Rave

Never Enough                                                              Unstoppable

Bodies                                                                        Victorious

There are also several other really good play lists already put together for just about any kind of music you like on Spotify.  I try some every once in a while…..  just to mix it up.  But these songs work the best for me.

Important Note – None of my work out regimens that I have posted are centered around weight loss….  I am working on building endurance, muscle growth, and increasing strength.  Your fitness goals may be different from mine – so plan accordingly.  Having said that, if you are not exercising at all, or not very much, anything that you do will burn fat…..  Please make sure that you fuel your body appropriately and allow your body to rest and recover.  Whatever you are doing for your health and to stay fit…..  Here’s to being ALL IN!!

Cheers!  🙂img_3721.jpg


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