Sentimental Sundays

The Skin You’re In.

We start out life searching for who we will be…..

What we will learn

What we will stand for

What we will become, defend, and believe.


We try different and new things to help us to grow…..

Educate our minds

Work and play for experiences

And create relationships with the people we know.


We build homes, designing our own special place…..

To protect our children

Collect our own memories

To rest and recover from life’s race.


We succeed and we fail, right from the start…..

Making tons of mistakes

Poor decisions and choices

Surely, trusting too much with our hearts.


And we worry too much, about all the wrong things…..

The cut and color of our hair

Clothes, shoes, brands and make up

Despite all the hassle that brings.


We begin to view life as a competition, that is no fun…..

More money for more things

Who can get the most friends

We seek to be liked by everyone.


But my advice for all would be….. Just be who you are…..

Love what you already have

Treasure your family and friends

And this will bring you more happiness by far.


For whatever you own, how you look, the true self lies within…..

Dark skinned, light or freckled

Smooth, weathered, scarred or tattooed

Simply accept and love the skin you’re in.


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2017.

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