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Never Stop.

IMG_1660At several points in our adult lives, we reach a peak, a pausing point.  Graduating college, starting a new career, getting married, starting a family, moving into your dream house (for example) and you tell yourself,  “I made it!”  And you did….. If you accomplish anything that you have set out to do, that deserves to be celebrated.

BUT….. That doesn’t mean you are done.  If you stop, instead of pause, and try to cruise from there, you are in trouble.  What I mean is this…..  Remember that guy that stopped way too early?  Like High School?  And you see him 10 years later….. he’s still that guy.  Talking about the same things, dresses the same, and you feel like you went back in time for a second….. If you stop, you will never get to see your full potential.  You become stagnant, maybe even boring or off-putting.

I believe the most important thing that you can do as a person: for yourself, your spouse, your children, your friends, is to never stop.  Never Stop – Growing, Learning, Evolving, and Improving.

There are many, many, smart, creative and talented people on this planet, but nobody has it all figured out….. Why?  Because we are all different, unique, and only you can know your full potential….. your “Peak” and usually not until it has been realized.

How we feel about ourselves, “our self-worth” has so much to do with our daily attitude, drive, focus and ambition.

Have you ever been at a point where you feel stuck?  In a rut?  Like you just aren’t moving forward anymore?…..  I know that I have.  Do you remember how you felt in those moments?  Frustrated?  Angry?  Down about life?  Upset with yourself?  Depressed?  And I would say, probably not that much fun to be around…..  We have all been there.  That is the point where it is more important than ever to jump up and hit the “GO” button!!

I can’t say specifically in which direction you should go….. that depends on you, but I have a few ideas to maybe get the wheels turning.

 Take a class –  This is an easy way to do something different, spark the mind, and will help you feel great!  Ilovekickboxing is awesome!  You could learn rock climbing, karate, ice skating, spinning, horse back riding, or ballroom dancing.  Want something less physical perhaps?  Learn to paint, photography, a new language, ceramics, or chemistry.  Literally….. the possibilities are endless!

Feed your creativity –  I think that reading great books is the best way to accomplish this…..  Curl up in the shade or on the couch with an awesome book (I prefer the actual book).  Dean Koontz is my absolute favorite…… but whatever floats your boat.  Read a blog 🙂 or 50,  study a book of interesting facts, take on some craft projects, redecorate your house, or keep a gratitude journal.

Self help is a real thing –  If you have had things about yourself hold you back in life or that made things more difficult on your journey….. Fix them.  Take ownership for your issues and put in the work to make yourself better.  Overcoming a life fear or obstacle is a fantastic way to improve yourself….. and your life!  (Special Note: Depending on what your issues are, you may need professional help to tackle those.  Please do that.  The point here is knowing if you have an issue….. and dealing with it.)

Become a volunteer –  Nothing helps a person grow like donating their time and energy to help other people.  And it can be anything…..  Maybe there is something you are already passionate about?  Find a way to help the cause.  You can help out at your child’s school, an activity they are involved in, a local food bank, disability programs, March of Dimes, any cancer organization, Habitat for Humanity, or Special Olympics.  Again here – Your options are endless.

Whatever it is….. get yourself up and moving in a positive direction.  Don’t let yourself become stagnant.  There is so much out there to learn, so many ways that you can grow and so much that needs to be done.  What will your full potential be?  And once you get going….. Never Stop!

Cheers! 🙂


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