Sentimental Sundays

Emma’s Eyes.

Emma’s Eyes…..  are diamonds of flickering light.

Like snowflakes and sapphires colliding; and bright.

Emma’s Eyes…..  twinkle and dance whenever she smiles.

If you look long enough, you could disappear for miles.

Emma’s Eyes…..  Are piercing and yet soft with kindness.

So unusual and amazing, at first sight I thought it was blindness.

Emma’s Eyes…..  Can see….. and do, all the good in everything.

When they sparkle with laughter; will make your heart sing.

Emma’s Eyes…..  are a wonder, that no one can explain.

Once you have seen them, you are never the same.

Emma’s Eyes…..  when angry, shoot daggers of fire and ice.

And if directed towards you, then you’ll pay the price.

Emma’s Eyes…..  when hurting, flood over with tears.

Iridescent… and revealing all of her fears.

Emma’s Eyes…..  So beautiful, determined; through all they endure.

Whenever she’s near….. I can’t take mine off of her.


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2017.


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