Sentimental Sundays

Our Love.

Sometimes, when you look at me, that way that you do

I know without question that your love is true.

Sometimes, through those eyes, I can see straight into your heart

And I believe in my soul that we’ll never part.

Sometimes, when you smile, you show me the certainty of your love

And I cherish each one as a gift from above.

Sometimes, in your voice, I hear the sweet songbird of truth

I feel giddy and blissful – like I was in my youth.

Sometimes, with your touch, it is so gentle and sure

My heart can feel your commitment and it’s so honestly pure.

Sometimes, in your embrace, I feel so safe and warm inside

We can completely surrender, for we have nothing to hide.

Sometimes, when you laugh, I feel our friendship and love come together

And I find happiness in knowing our love is forever.

Sometimes, when you are here, you can feel so far away

And I need you to assure me that your love’s here to stay.

Sometimes, when you doubt, I know that you need the same

That’s just the way love goes – there is no one to blame.

Sometimes, with your actions, you can say more than with words

Every move that you make, in my heart’s being heard.

Sometimes, when you’re silent, I may want to hear you say you’ll never go

Sometimes, that is…..  Because sometimes, I just know.


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2017.


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