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Buzz Kill.

I completely blew off writing my blog last week…..  Remember how excited I was at the thought of my kids going back to school?  I had the perfect, relaxing, bubble bathing, and ice cream eating day planned?   Well….. that didn’t happen.  Oh my kids went back to school, and they did great.  Up on time, excited and ready to go, no melt downs….. awesome start to the school year.  Me?  I woke up in major pain, with a swollen face, and had to go and get an emergency root canal.  Blah.

Now I have dealt with a lot of pain over the course of my lifetime.  I haven’t survived a plane crash or getting crushed by a piece of heavy machinery….. just so we are clear.  But I have felt a good amount of pain.  I’ve sat through hours of being tattooed, pierced, deep tissue massaged, electro shock therapy, chiropractic adjustments, pinched nerves, torn muscles, dislocated shoulder, broken nose & toes, burns, cuts, biopsies, surgery, stitches, cramps, asthma attacks, pneumonia, and 3 natural child births…..  And there is still nothing that will take me out faster and more completely than a regular old toothache.  I can’t explain it really, maybe you are right there with me and maybe not, but it just destroys me.

So with all that fun to be had, I spent the weekend recovering and fighting the infection and today….. things are looking a bit brighter.  But I do not feel awesome.  I am not sure what is going on with me.  My whole body feels stiff, weak, and tired.  It could be anything I guess…..  the extra workouts, the antibiotics, or just having enough free time to sit and think about how I’m feeling.  Who knows really?   The fact is, I feel myself sinking and I need to do something about it…… And quick.

IMG_4112Laying in bed this morning I almost talked myself into just resting the rest of the week and starting fresh on Monday.  Then I talked myself out of that…..  All of this hard work is for one main reason….. and that is Tough Mudder on Sunday.  I definitely want to be rested and prepared, so that I will be successful, but I also don’t want to just flop right before the big day.   I guess the point here is:  there are times when your body might be trying to tell you something, and you should probably listen to it.  BUT….. there are also times when your feeling challenged and pushing past your limits, and your mind is trying to talk you out of it…… You have to analyze and figure out which it is.  Then adjust.

I decided, after yesterday, to stop doing double workouts.  I will reevaluate that at the end of the week and see if it has made any impact on the way I am feeling.  I’m going to continue regular workouts through Thursday, stretch and short run on Friday, rest and recover on Saturday, (that’s also my son’s 17th birthday!)  and I think I should be set and ready to go for Sunday!  I guess what I am saying is….. I believe that my mind is messing with me and it’s impacting the way I’m feeling, so I’m going to push through it.  But not too hard, just in case.

I wish that I could say that I’m super pumped and feeling amazing….. I know that would be much more inspirational….. but it is what it is.  However, I do believe that Attitude is Everything in fitness….. and in life.  So with that in mind,  I’m going to get up from my desk,  adjust my attitude, get my body moving, and I’m sure that I will be feeling tip-top in no time!

Cheers 🙂

One thought on “Buzz Kill.

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