Sentimental Sundays

Bedtime Banter.

‘Good-night Sweet One’                                        IMG_4338

‘Fanciful Dreams,’

‘And sleep well.’

“Good-night Mom”

“I love you,”

As droopy eyelids fell.

Lights out,

Loving smile,

Take a step toward the door.


“I can’t sleep”

“Lay by me on the floor?”

Deep breath,

Comforting kisses,

Forehead, cheeks, and nose.

‘A few minutes love’

‘Picture baby sheep’

‘And try counting those.’

“I can’t Mom”

“There’s something in my closet”

“Or underneath my bed.”

‘Relax my darling’

‘Close your tired eyes’

‘Let sweet dreams come instead.’

“But Mom,” yawn

“I’m not tired”

“Please sing me a song?”

‘Okay dear’

‘But just one’

‘We’re not doing this all night long.’

Closed eyes,

Soft lullaby,

Snoring away to the brink.

The retreat,

Swift, quiet and quick!

“Mom?  Can I have a drink?”

Lights on,

Exasperated.  ‘Okay, hurry’

‘You really need to get to sleep.’

10 minutes,

More kisses, lights out,

‘Good-night Sweetheart – And not another peep!’

Door closed,

Muffled laughter, thinking

I’m so glad you are mine.

Relieved sigh,

Finally the solace.

At least…..  until wake up time!


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2017.


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