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Pump Up Your Positivity!

Have you ever been sitting around the dining room table with your family and one of your children says something horribly negative about themselves?  Or about something they think they will never learn or can’t do?  Then you turn to them astonished and ask, “Why would you ever say something like that?  You know that you can do anything you set your mind too and practice at.”  And they curtly respond to you, “Well, you said it.”  OUCH…  Gut Check.  As a parent the last thing in the world you want to be is the negative voice in your child’s head.

In all my life experience there is nothing that I hate coming in contact with worse than a negative attitude.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, my children, a co-worker, a cashier at the store, my husband… I don’t like it.  And I most definitely don’t like it when it comes from me!

The scary thing about negativity is that sometimes you aren’t even aware of it.  It can come out of you in spurts;  like a snide comment based out of frustration, or an outburst at the end of a really long day.  Another way it can creep up on you is to slowly simmer inside you and grow little by little, day after day, until you have seeped negativity into everything and everyone around you.  Yikes!

IMG_3806Realistically one could say, “It’s impossible to be positive all of the time.”  Sure, maybe, but you can most definitely try.  You may even surprise yourself by how easy it is to do.  You will probably enjoy the change in yourself, as I am most certain, the people who are around you will.

So what is the trick?  How do you stop  yourself from being a Debbie Downer?  A Negative Nancy?  Or just a complainer that is unpleasant to be around?  I wish that there was one “fix all” trick that I could give to you, but there is not.  It is different for everyone.  A lot of it is what’s behind the reason you are feeling negative in the first place.  But I have some ideas that may help you out and get you going in the right direction.

#1 – Get Your Mind Right:  This should happen initially before you even get out of bed.  Confirm to yourself; how great you feel, what a wonderful day it is going to be, AND how grateful you are to be able to enjoy it!…  Then throw the covers off and get to it!

#2 – Exercise:  There is nothing you will want to do less if you are on a trip to Negative Town, but do it anyway.  If you focus your intentions on the work you are doing and the positive impact that it is going to have on your body, it is guaranteed to at least make you feel better about yourself.

#3 – Love Yourself:  This is a biggie!  All things good from the ability to truly love yourself.  You aren’t perfect, I know, me either.  But we aren’t meant to be.  What ever it is you don’t like about yourself… fix it, or accept it.  Then allow yourself to feel good and believe in your heart that you deserve it.

#4 – Go For A Walk:  This is one you can do almost any time.  The fresh air, a new perspective, and it gets your blood flowing.  If running is more your thing, that’s great too.  It does very much the same thing as long as you take the time to look around and enjoy what is beautiful in your world.  (and it will burn more calories!)

#5 – Crank Up The Music:  We all have a song that we jam to when we are driving like we are performing it in concert… That’s the one.  Whatever song you have that makes you dance and smile, turn it up!  Music is good for the soul.  And I have yet to see anyone that can be negative while they are dancing!

#6 – Be Self Aware:  Check in with yourself regularly through out the day.  Really be aware of how you are feeling.  And be honest with yourself.  If you notice you aren’t feeling awesome, make a change.  Nobody controls your emotions or your attitude unless you let them.  I know this can be a lot easier said than done… but it is still true.  Take ownership of your happiness and the impact you have on others, make it great.

#7 – Smile:  We have been told our whole lives that it takes more effort to frown than to smile.  Because it does.  A smile can make a difference in someone’s world, even when you don’t know them.  Every person on the planet would rather interact with someone who has a smile on their face as opposed to someone who doesn’t.  So be one of those people.  And the best part is…. they are contagious!  So who knows?   You might start a positivity revolution!

Cheers! 🙂



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