Sentimental Sundays

Through The Storm.

Boom!  Crack!  What was that?

Why am I wide awake in bed?

Sleepy, so confused, she rubs

her eyes and shakes her head.

Is it the middle of the night?

It seems very dark outside.

What is that tapping on my window?

Should I go look or should I hide?

She tiptoes to the window,

her brave heart dying to take a peek.

Her eyes barely above the sill,

Flash! The sky flares so bright, she teeters on her feet!

Run!  Down the hall as fast as she can go.

“Wake up!  Wake up!  Mom!  Dad!”

‘Come here sweet girl, what’s wrong?’

she says,  “The outside is really mad!”

‘The outside is mad?  Whatever does that mean?’

“Follow me,” she said, “You’ll see.”

Out the window we leered.  Thunder!  Lightening!

“There…  That’s what it did to me!”


‘The outside isn’t mad at you darling,’

     ‘What is happening is a storm.’

‘Get in here and cuddle with us,’

     ‘We will keep you safe and warm.’

“I can’t sleep Mom, it’s just too loud”

     ‘Focus on the gentle tapping of the rain.’

‘It’s playing you a lullaby,’

     ‘Soon only sweet dreams will remain.’

We snuggled under the blankets,

     And tossed…  and turned…  and wiggled.

We sang songs, told stories, made up rhymes,

     And obviously…  we giggled!

When the storm became just background noise,

     we curled up nice and tight.

Exhausted and yawning around 4 am,

     we finally said good-night.

Sweet slumber spreads over us

     and dreams are about to begin.

Then in comes my son, “Mom, I heard a noise outside!”

     Well… here we go again.


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2017.

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