Sentimental Sundays

The Sicklies and the Sniffles.


At the beginning of every school year,

we get new visitors to our house.

They are always expected, yet uninvited,

and sneak in quiet as a mouse.

It starts with a single cough, then two,

then there is no doubt they’re on the way.

The sicklies and the sniffles have arrived,

and they have a plan to stay.

They make us each feel miserable

as they move from one to another.

Then you worry and wait, will I be next?

Nope – they got your brother!

Around they go, and sometimes around again,

even though we asked them to leave.

But they have taken over,

and have made sure there is no reprieve.

Through boxes of Kleenex, Clorox wipes,

and cough medicine galore,

We fight the good fight until…..

we just can’t take it anymore.

So we curl up together in blankets,

watch old movies, and hope for it to end.

Laugh and love, pretend nothing is wrong,

and try to let our bodies mend.

Then the sicklies and the sniffles

have to find somewhere else to be,

And the outside world and school friends,

we just can’t wait to see!

So moving forward we go, every one is

on their way to feeling great.

Back to school, playing, fun and games,

until they show for another date!


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2017.


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