Sentimental Sundays

A Mother’s Love.

Showing your love for your children is much easier when they are small.

Wiping away tears, kissing skinned knees, then suddenly – you can’t get close to them at all.

When they no longer come to you for help whenever they are hurt or feeling sad.

When you get conversation maybe once a week; the rest they’re just silent… or mad.

It is hard to show your concern for them, when they answer every question with “I’m fine.”

When cuddle time gets replaced by video games and “I want to be alone,” but son, you are still mine.

When my “I love you’s” get the response of “yeah” and “you too,” I know it’s part of getting older.

But you can grow up, without growing away, and definitely, without growing colder.

Be yourself, be an individual, and thrive as the man you are going to become,

Just remember if you are feeling alone or scared, there is no way I would not come.

Men don’t need their mothers’, I know, at least not at all like when you are young and sweet,

But I’m always going to be there for you, my son, even when the outlook seems bleak.

When it may seem we don’t have anything in common, and we don’t have much to say

Just know I love you more than you know, and that love never fades or goes away.

Understand that I love you, and will, through all of your phases as you grow

Through the fun, laughter, neutral, silence, or pain; It’s always there – it just gets harder to show.


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2018.

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