Sentimental Sundays

The Blame Game.

“She did it”, (pointing)  “He did it”, (pointing) in unison they cry to me.

The more I see this routine each day, I wonder just how it came to be.

Do brothers and sisters naturally blame each other whenever one does wrong?

Or is only one dictating this blame game, and the other one plays along?

Are they working together to drive us parents crazy by never knowing who’s at fault?

Or is their love so strong that they protect each other by locking truths away in the vault?

They seem to disagree a lot, at least, it feels that I’m always stopping fights.

But whenever trouble is coming down on them, they stand together with all their might.

They giggle at my confusion and without confessing a thing they run away.

Then act as if nothing ever happened while they talk and laugh and play.

I clean up the mess, or fix what got broken, trying not to be upset.

Kind of amused at their solidarity, but frustrated how hard it gets.

I want them to be honest, and admit when they have made a mistake.

And I don’t want them to play this game with each other – I do not like fake.

But, I love that they have one another’s back, even if it is against me,

Because whether he did it, or she did it… it’s them.  And I hope that will always be.


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2018.

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