Sentimental Sundays

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Rain, oh rain, please, please go away.

I really have to play outside today.

I just can’t stand another day inside,

My legs need to run, jump, kick and slide!

My house feels stuffy and my family so near.

I’d give anything for fresh air and a sky that is clear.

The grass is so wet, mom says it will ruin my shoes…

IMG_3483But staying inside every day is giving me the blues.

My toys are played out, all my shows seem the same.

Then suddenly!  Finally!  Out the sun came!

I shrieked with delight, pulled on my rain boots and hat

Ran out the door toward the playground and it was gone just like that.

So I’ll play under the clouds, I don’t mind the gloom.

The swings are a little wet, but they will be dry soon.

One time around the yard, giggling, this is so much fun!

I splash through a puddle, then down the rain comes…

Slowly at first, barely more than a mist

Well this isn’t so bad, I can play in this.

Then a downpour, thunder, soaked to the skin

Cold now and shivering – it’s definitely time to go in.

I scoff, dragging my feet, I know I have to go in to play

Rain, oh rain, why do you never go away?


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2018.

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