Sentimental Sundays


We wait impatiently all school year for these days to come.

For later bed times, sleeping in, and all the fun in the sun.

Then for two weeks it rains and we are stuck inside

Where we quickly run out of things to do and places to hide.

Kids; bickering and restless, wanting to be entertained day and night

Mom; weary, running out of patience, and tired of the fight.

At long last… the sun, finally!  We can go out and play

Kiddie pools, sprinkler, slip and slide – enough fun for all day!

But alas!  After an hour, the whining only starts to begin

And after the third application of sunscreen… they are ready to go in.

So switch out clothes, get dry, take a breath, and sit down to rest

Then the fidgeting and complaining of boredom puts my sanity to the test.

I finally call it – Enough! We are eating dinner – and without a sound

When we are done?  Back outside – until each of you is worn down.

Into the hot evening we tread, with heads hung low as they sigh

As if by magic, suddenly, clouds come and completely cover the sky!

They race onto the grass laughing.  Squealing with glee

And in the cool drizzling rain we play a game of frisbee.

At last… every one is happy and the promise in the sky is clear.

Summer;  wonderful yet challenging…  It’s all downhill from here!


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2018.

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