Sentimental Sundays

Road Trip.

All of our bags are packed and loaded, we are all set to go

So excited to reach our destination… though we know it will be slow.

Many miles of ground to cover and hours of sitting in the car

But we love our family trips together; even when we go far.

Singing songs to keep our spirits up and help to pass the time

The license plate game, I-spy, and what things can you find?

A rest stop picnic to stretch our legs and enjoy a little sun

Then buckled back up to hit the road – this part won’t be fun!

When boredom sets in and the bickering starts, all our patience gone

Dad declares, “It’s nap time!”  And he means for everyone.

So we doze, and wake, and doze again, for about an hour or two

Just burnt grass out the windows now, what are we to do?

Then excitement peaks, our hotel is in sight!  We finally get to play!

But Mom says, “Let’s get checked in and change, we’ve got to be on our way!”

More driving?  Is she kidding? We already have to go?

But she means it, in 30 minutes she is out, with us in tow.

A family party, all our cousins, and grandma and grandpa too!

This is the best day ever!  We never want it to be through.

We run, we play, we talk, we laugh… and we get to eat cake!

There is just so much fun to be had… but we’ve had all we can take!

Now we are tired and we’re weary; our eyelids almost closed all the way

And smiling a sleepy smile we say, “Let’s take a road trip every day!”



© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2018.

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