Sentimental Sundays

School Days.

Oh, that jam-packed time of year

is upon us once again

Time to say so long to Pajama Tuesdays

and sleeping in.

Up at the crack of dawn, fighting,

for our time in the mirror

Those leisurely summer days are gone;

it couldn’t be clearer.

No more slow waking mornings,

with no place to go

Every day is now scheduled

and it has to be just so.

So much to do, the places and things

we have to be

Such strict time lines enforced –

there is little left free.

I miss my afternoon girl chats

and pep talks with my son

I couldn’t wait for you to go back,

but now the days are no fun!

Busses, then dinner, homework, bath, reading,

and don’t say no,

But what I want to do is snuggle up with you both

and never let go!

There are many more years of this

that I will have to endure

And every year that it happens

I become more and more sure,

That you are my life, you are literally

what makes me whole

Each day when you are gone, I miss you

down to my soul.

But I like you to be with your friends and to

watch you learn, flourish and grow.

I want to see all you can achieve and I

truly want you to know…

That though I long for your faces

when ever we are apart

No matter where we are – I love you,

Always.  And with all of my heart.

© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2018.

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