Sentimental Sundays

Note to Self.

Go forth girl, without worry,

everything will be okay.

There is nothing for you to fear,

you will find your way.

Use your mind to make choices

and always follow your heart.

You won’t always be right;

but you can make a new start.

You will endure liars and cheaters;

don’t let it change who you are.

You will never be perfect,

but you will indeed go far.

Forgive.  This one is important,

it truly changes the game.

Learn from the actions of others,

but don’t ever blame.

Love.  Wholeheartedly,

what brings joy to your soul.

Don’t be afraid to let go,

it’s what will give you control.

Hang on to nothing in life

that causes you pain.

The anger will distort you

until you are no longer the same.

Smile, and laugh, out loud,

as much as you possibly can.

Spend time near the ocean.

Walk barefoot in the sand.

Do your very best,

no matter which path you choose.

Just be true to yourself,

and you will never lose.

Spend more time with your family.

Do whatever it takes.

When you lose your father,

you will understand the stakes.

There will be times, that

you feel like a complete mess.

It will pass, I promise, and

know that it’s okay to just rest.

Don’t ever stop learning;

you will never have it all figured out.

Knowing who you are in life,

is what it is really all about.

Never lose your faith;

whatever comes your way.

It is the core of what makes you

who you are today.

Live.  Period.  Never leave a chance

or opportunity on the shelf.

I only wish, 20 years ago,

I could have read this note to myself.


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2018.

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