Sentimental Sundays

What Lies Beneath.

What casts its dark shadow across what was once a smile?

Why do eyes shift away when asked to stay for a while?

Why the haunted look and tears when you reply, “I’m fine?”

I see a sadness inside you and it has been, for some time.

I try to open the door, you close it.  There is nothing to say.

I can see that you’re hurting, but you can’t go on this way.

What is breaking you down?  Is there something I can do?

You pretend to be happy, but I see it, and you know it too.

Is it anxiety?  Depression?  Are you trying to hide from the pain?

Are you shattered to your soul and think you are somehow to blame?

What are you hiding?  Why are you putting up a wall?

Please talk to me friend.  We can just let the tears fall.

Whatever you carry, it has burdened you for too long.

It is tearing you apart and I’m afraid it will go on.

No one can handle all of life’s trials on their own.

You can share that weight with me, you are not alone.

Are you scared I will judge you?  Trust that you have nothing to fear.

My hope is to listen and support you – I will just be right here.

Friends are meant to help each other, that is what we are for.

And you are pushing me away, I can’t watch you do it anymore.

Still you choose not to confide, haven’t said a single word yet.

You continue to smile your smile, but I have seen what lies beneath it.



© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2018.

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