Sentimental Sundays

A New Dawn


A new day; Lies just beyond the dark of night

A new hope; That your fears and dreams may take flight.

A new start; Another chance to try once again

A new faith; That all that awaits you will begin.

A new view; At last, to see the world fresh and clean

A new promise; For all the beauty waiting to be seen.

A new light; That may be there to guide your way

A new clarity; To breathe deep the life in each day.

A new love; For all you hold dear, both old and new

A new resolve; For purpose and cause in all that you do.

A new patience; To understand, to learn and to grow

A new comfort; That all you can not see yet, you will know.

A new spirit; Determined to face your challenges head on

Just do the best you can with each day; For tomorrow’s a new dawn.


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2019.

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