Sentimental Sundays

A Sunny Day

A bright, sun-filled day, is all one really needs. To feel at peace with the world and more at ease.

The rays of warmth, sunkiss with a touch. It’s the feeling your heart and soul need so much.

The joy of a day full of laughter and fun, Can truly recharge the spirit, and it only takes one.

To feel new, revived, ready for anything you may face. To fill the soul with gratitude and slow down your pace.

The song of the birds floats through the air. Leaving you feeling alive, without so much as a care.

The smell of burgers on the grill, a few houses away. All the kids and pets running around, ready to play.

A slight chill in the air, feels crisp and clean. And hope is restored in a flowing stream.

Smiles are shared, and giggles galore. A reminder of what life is worth living for.

We will it to last forever, knowing it will go away. But see how much you can get out of one sunny day?

© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2019.

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