Personal Growth

Moving Forward.

People, all people, we have a lot going on in our lives. Day in and day out, morning and night, there is always some place that we need to be, or something that needs to be done. It goes on, and on, and on. Reliable. Consistent. Never ending.

It happens to us all, that’s life. But one thing that I have come to notice over the past few years is that we get comfortable with it. There seems to be some value placed on the fact that we are always moving, or always on the go. It must mean we are successful, right? Productive? Taking care of business? Needed? Getting it done? All good things… or so we think.

The truth is, we are moving, sure, but most of us don’t even know in which direction. Sound familiar to you? Maybe you have never even stopped to think about it either. I know that for years I never did. I was confident and sure as long as I was going because like most of us that is where I thought the value was. Never questioning it, until I did.

You could be the Scrambler: The person who is all over the place. Moving side to side, front to back, and then to the side again. Much like a pinball in a machine. Never getting anywhere, but still all over the place. This is a disorganized and chaotic way to live. It will certainly drive the people around you crazy, if it doesn’t you first.

You could be the Backtracker: The person that sets out to get two big things done that day, and does, but forgets about the ten small things that also needed done as well. Essentially taking two steps forward and ten steps back. In this mode, you will always feel behind or that you are playing catch up, because you are. This is not an effective way to move anywhere.

You could be the Spinner: This person is moving, participating in their life, but literally doing the exact same thing over and over again. I also call this spiraling. Just going around and around in the same never ending circle. Having the same conversations, rehashing the same arguments, never getting anything resolved… getting absolutely nowhere. This one is dangerous because it’s like a vortex and will suck the life out of you over time.

You could be the Bounty Hunter: The person that is so driven by blowing through the world to get as much done as possible, they never even glance back to see the wreckage in their wake. So focused on what lies ahead, yet in the meantime, just trampling people, ideas, suggestions, and feelings under their feet. All the while, causing permanent damage to yourself , whether you notice it or not.

Did you recognize yourself somewhere in there? If so, don’t feel bad. I have been all of these people at different times in my life. The point is for you to realize it. Then change your path. For yourself, and for the people you care about. The only direction you should be moving in is forward. On your own path. To the best version of yourself. Every. Single. Day.

So how do you do that? Stop. Stop moving. Evaluate yourself and what is happening in your life. Then decide where you want to be and create a new path to get there. It sounds much easier than it really is, trust me. You have to become very self aware, check in with yourself often, and find value in the stillness.

Your journey is your own. Find it, fulfill it, and enjoy it. I wish you safe and successful travels.

Cheers! 🙂

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