Sentimental Sundays

Birthday Girl

I look at you now, eight years old, when you were once so small.

The dreams and fears I’ve had for you, You have changed them all.

So strong, smart, and determined, when I worried you may be weak.

You are vibrant, full of life, and caring. In a world that’s sometimes bleak.

You struggle. Then you try, try try, and work until you get it right.

I was scared that people may hurt you, but you know to stand your ground and fight.

So beautiful, inside and out, you radiate with light and love.

I knew the day I met you, that you were a special blessing from above.

I feared you wouldn’t know how much you are loved, that you wouldn’t understand.

You proved me wrong, like many times before, and I see it in the way you stand.

You feel safe, secure, loved, and proud of everything you are.

And your strength and perseverance my girl, will take you oh so far.

My dream for you now is to just be yourself and all you want to be.

For what you are going to do in this world, I can’t wait to see.

You inspire me to learn and grow, to be the best for you I can.

Your potential in life is limitless and I am always your biggest fan!

On your birthday now we celebrate you, and the fact that you are here.

But know darling girl, we truly celebrate that you are ours, every day of the year!

For Emma:

 © Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2019.

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