Sentimental Sundays


Beaten down, but not broken, though there is still pain inside.

She lays restless, yet unmotivated. Knowing that she can’t hide.

Searching… for passions lost. Desperate to find the light.

Stuck, moving directionless, and weary from the fight.

Tired, beyond tired, and always so many more places to go.

Lost. Searching for answers, to questions she doesn’t know.

Surrounded, every moment, by negativity to strong to bear.

Yearning to feel grounded and for the ability to care.

Then… reignited. An excitement that has too long been gone.

A thrill. A reason to move, to act, and the strength to carry on.

Rested. Feeling powerful, with vigor, excited and full of drive.

Finally! What she’d been missing arrives. The desire to be alive!

Purposefully, to the battlefield she strides, with her head held high.

Triumph, the only viable option, knowing the odds she will defy.

Persistent, rooted in faith, she joins the fight all alone.

Confident and fully accepting, of this truth she has always known.

She may get frustrated, cry, or falter, but she will always find a way.

For love, her family and fulfilling their dreams. She will rise to fight another day.

© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2019.

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