Sentimental Sundays

Wake Up Time!

‘Good morning little love bugs’

‘It’s time to rise and shine!’

“Mom, it’s too early, I’m so tired.”

“Can I just stay in bed until nine?”

‘It’s a school day munchkin,’

‘You’ve got to jump up and shake it off.’

“I think I have a fever, the chills,”

“And listen; that is definitely a cough.”

‘You aren’t sick, nice try, meet me

downstairs and please don’t be wispy,’

‘Pancakes are on the griddle now,

And the bacon is getting crispy!’

“Pancakes!  Why didn’t you say so?”

“Were you going to let me sleep all day?”


Deep breath, a little laugh, ‘I sure wouldn’t

dear, now time to get on your way.’

Syrupy deliciousness, giggling, finally awake,

and now can’t stop yakking…..

‘Finish up kiddos, 10 minutes, then yoga’

‘And please no more slacking!’

“Namaste,” high fives, tickles,

‘Let’s make it a great day and fun.’

‘Run upstairs, pick out some clothes that match,

That goes for everyone.’

‘Red and green?’  ‘Purple and orange?’

‘Why shorts when its raining outside?’

‘Okay sweethearts, do over, let me pick instead

I guess I should have specified.’

‘To the bathroom – brush your teeth and hair,

then I’ll be there in a sec to style.’

‘Looking good kiddos!  Now get your socks and shoes on,

The bus will be here in awhile.’

‘Don’t forget your lunch boxes – and snag your backpacks,’

‘We should be out the door.’

“I need to use the restroom!”  “I need a drink!”

‘Come on, why didn’t we do all this before?’

Jackets are on, now off we go, I hope we make

it to their bus stops on time.

One bus, two bus, and off they go!

And now the day is mine!


© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2017.

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