Sentimental Sundays

Pajama Day!

We love to stay at home and play,

When Mom declares, “It’s Pajama Day!”

There will be cuddling, and plenty of time to talk

No racing to get ready, or constantly watching the clock.

Games will be played and silly stories will be told

We will stay inside all day to be out of the cold.

There will definitely be laughing, we will sing a song or two

A dance off, perhaps? All the things that we love to do.

Maybe we will paint a picture, then make some cookies to bake

Oh, and then take a short nap, because we will all need a break.

Time to clean up our messes and put all of our toys away

The wrestling matches are about to get under way!

We are hungry now, how about a picnic on the floor?

Better yet, let’s throw a splendid tea party, like never before!

Pizza, root beer floats, and YES! A pillow fight!

Where has our day gone? It’s already night.

Curl up on the couch and talk about how much fun our day has been…

Then the kids say, “Mom, can tomorrow be pajama day again?”

© Natalie Morgan Allen and, 2019.

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